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Om Siddh Vinayak Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Om Siddh Vinayak Impex Pvt. Ltd.

We have the largest used clothing grading operations in Asia. Our mission is Zero Waste and we achieve it by the principle Re-Use and Re-Cycle.

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Exports Worldwide

We are the fastest growing company in our industry and our primary focus is exports with strict and consistent quality standards. We export container loads of used clothing to various parts of the world including Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

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Customer Oriented Approach

We work as per the convenience of our customer following our customer oriented policy. Right from packing to labeling to shipping, we customize our services as per the customer’s requirement. We produce a range of items to meet our customers’ requirement.

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Sorting Facilities

We are operating out of our two separate warehouses located in Kandla, India to grade used clothing from USA and Japan. The combined annual turnover of both facilities is around 50 Million Kilograms with a work force of over 1100 personnel.

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Product Categories

• Crème • Used Clothing – (USA) • Used Clothing – (Japan) • Vintage Clothing • Wipers • Recycling products

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Our Products

Used Clothing (USA)

Our grading process for American clothes is equipped with world class grading system and grading work is carried on by skilled and experienced staff.

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Used Clothing (Japan)

Our grading process for Japanese clothes is equipped with world class grading system and grading is work carried on by skilled and experienced staff.

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We produce extra-ordinary good quality Crème Used Clothing. It is sorted and graded by highly skilled professionals who possess good knowledge of fashion and brands.

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Vintage Clothing

We are one of the few rag houses that deal in untouched used clothing and shoes and so we can offer a wide variety of vintage items.

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We are the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial wiping cloths from reclaimed garments, which simply means that when the garment reaches end of its life, we convert them in to wiping cloths.

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Recycling Products

The leftovers from cut items, zippers, clips, buttons and textile materials eligible for recycling are classified as re-cycling products.

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We are the only company in the used clothing industry with a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service and satisfaction is our first motto. We try to achieve it through consistent quality, our customized management information system and efficient customer service.

Three layered quality check

The quality of our goods is extremely good and consistent with a three layered quality check system wherein each piece of cloth is checked by highly trained and skilled graders at three levels before it goes for packing.

Choice of packing

We can offer choice of packing as per the requirement of customer and the market. We can pack the goods in large bales, small bales, bags or boxes as required.

Global Presence

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