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Om Siddh Vinayak Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Used Clothing (USA)

The second quality after cream is the premium used clothing suitable for export to Africa and developing countries. We ensure to provide to our customers good and consistent quality with the contribution of our skilled and experienced grading personnel. To ensure good and consistent quality, we apply quality control measures and no bale is sent for packing until a dedicated team of quality experts give their thums up after checking every single piece to be packed in the bale.

Our packing for 100 lbs /45 kgs bales is both rock solid and very eye catching. We are one of the few companies that use 7 straps to make our bales which make it practically impossible for anyone to open them. We use a combination of one clear-thick plastic sheet and one clear woven sheet to make the bale both durable and attractive.

 We process American and Japanese in different warehouse facilities which are equipped with world class grading system and grading work carried on by skilled and experienced staff.